By Frank Barbiere & Colin Lorimer

Blackout started off great with its first installment last month and the wild ride barrels forward in issue #2. This series has a terrific plot that is very unique and interesting. While there wasn’t necessarily a ton of big plot development this time, it was definitely a fun read that had an amazing ending.

In Blackout, Frank Barbiere tells the story of a man who mysteriously receives a powerful suit that allows transdimensional jumping, for lack of a better description. Issue #2 sees the protagonist fending off a pack of heavily-geared enemies as he works his way towards what will hopefully be useful information about the suit itself. This issue, and the series overall thus far, has a very light-hearted tone while still presenting serious issues that could have some heavy consequences. However, nothing feels silly and instead, the humor is a subtle addition that enhances the fun of this book. There’s still a lot to be covered regarding the motives of various characters, but the ending of this installment was a particularly unexpected and exciting turn.

Colin Lorimer’s artwork remains absolutely top-notch. The visuals in Blackout #2 are terrific in every respect. The illustrations are full of great detail, while everything still looks incredibly clear and coherent. The action is especially dynamic and flows exceptionally well; Lorimer makes great use of the crazy abilities of the suit. The detail really enhances the overall realism of each image, but the coloring is just fantastic. Everything looks bright and vibrant, even the darker scenes, and the lighting effects in particular are excellent.

This series has started quite strong and the excitement in issue #2 will surely keep fans intrigued by this interesting and fresh story. The end of Blackout #2 was a great idea and a perfect direction for the book to cover, and the next installment will be all the more exciting for it!


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