By Ian Flynn and Powree

Now that Mega Man X has been set up, we can finally move on and put some pieces in place. We’re also seeing the events of Mega Man 3 start to unfold. There’s a lot going on, but we have a feeling Ian Flynn still has a handle on things.

So, slight spoiler: Dr. Wily is now off the hook and is working with Dr. Light as a form of community service. Naturally, Wily still has nefarious plans brewing. Despite his evil intentions, Wily is staring to have seeds of doubt. It appears Dr. Light and Mega Man’s kindness/forgiveness is starting to have an impact. Flynn perfectly writes a man in true conflict.

Unfortunately, the you-know-what still hits the fan, and that happens to include the appearance of Light’s newest creation, Gamma. Anybody who has played Mega Man 3 knows that Gamma is the final boss, so this is can’t to end well. With Wily, you really never know what will happen, but that’s the fun of goofy villains.

Powree drew a variant cover for issue 32, so he at least has some experience sketching Mega Man. His work is great, keeping consistent with the style and quality that we’ve come to expect from this title. Character’s facial expressions are much more detailed, which helps Flynn’s script nail the emotional scenes. Whether it’s Powree, Tyson Hesse, or Patrick Spaziante, Mega Man will always look great.

Mega Man #36 is an interesting chapter that is perfect for new readers. It establishes what’s been going on in the series, while setting things up for the future. The events of both Mega Man 3 and Mega Man X are going to be very fun to read about.


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