By Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo

So… how ‘bout that Green Arrow, right? Since issue 17 this series has done nothing but improve and get better at the hands of this trio of fantastic creators. For those that didn’t even like, or knew very little about, Oliver Green outside of maybe the new Arrow show or what you’ve seen on Justice League Unlimited this was, and continues to be, a must-read series. Without a doubt, Green Arrow has quickly become one of the best series with the little “D” sticker on it and it’s because they put this group of extremely talented individuals on it and, seemingly, has let them do their own thing their way.

Jeff Lemire is an insane talent; let’s just get that out of the way first, okay? He’s a writer, artist, Canadian (that’s right), all around awesome dude and a big reason that GA has become what it’s become since they took over and, essentially, turned the clock back to #1. This idea of all these different clans coming together to try and reshape the world, while putting Ollie at the center of it has been intense, interesting and jaw-droppingly shocking. Since Outsiders War started, there’s been at least two occasions that, as a reader, shocked and surprised on a level that you don’t see very often. Particularly the final page of this issue which was so bananas there might not be words invented that describe it correctly.

Speaking of no words to describe something can the art in this series be any more insane? Sorrentino came off I, Vampire and took his work to another level. Pair him with the insane color talents of Marcelo Maiolo and it’s got the makings of one of the best art duos in comics today. Right up there with guys like Chris Samnee /Javier Rodriguez and Greg Capullo/Fco or Declan Shalvey/Jordie Bellaire; it’s just that good. It’s intense, it’s interesting, it takes risks and it might be everything you’ve been looking for in a comic that you might not know you needed.

There aren’t enough ways to say just how amazing this team has been and continues to be. It’s one thing to have a few great issues, but it’s another to continue to top the previous issue each and every month and raise the bar higher and higher for all the other comics that dare to sit on a shelf next to Green Arrow. The first collection, though it’s labelled as Green Arrow Vol. 4, is coming this month and if you aren’t reading this because you’re afflicted with some form of insanity, here’s your chance to get on board. This run is going to go down as one of the premier runs in all of comics. This is on a level that’s going to deserve an absolute collection down the line if DC knows what’s good for ‘em.


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