By Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo

The second to last issue of The Outsiders War brings the war itself. Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino and company have been building to the war between the Outsiders since the run began and the flood gates are finally opening.

Lemire sure knows how to make a moment feel intense. Each and every page of issue #30 feels epic and brutal. For being so full, this issue also packs a lot of payoff into it. The clans finally face off, Komodo and Shado have a showdown, and Oliver and Robert have a rather heated discussion in the midst of the fighting. If you’ve been reading this run from the start, there is a lot to love here.

Sorrentino does it month after month on this book. Every scene seems brutal yet elegant, the battles are epic in scope because of how Sorrentino lays out the battles. Even the smaller moments pack just as much punch as the battles do thanks to Sorrentino. Again, Marcelo Maiolo adds so much to this series. His coloring brings out the best in Sorrentino’s art and even adds more to it.

The creative team behind Green Arrow manages to kill it every issue while still upping the stakes. This book is a great example of when great art and superb writing come together to make something brilliant.


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