By Christopher Yost & Marcus To

New Warriors #3 continues the story of the High Evolutionary’s plan to rid the planet of the human race. The Warriors are slowly coming together as the characters start to come together. Nova, Scarlett Spider, Hummingbird and Water Snake are all captive on the High Evolutionary’s ship while Justice, Speedball and Sun Girl are on the run from the cops in New York.

Christopher Yost’s strongest part of this series so far is the character interaction. Justice and Speedball have a great relationship and Yost writes great dialogue between them. There are also some great moments between Nova and Scarlett Spider. I’m excited to see more scenes with those two as the series progresses.

The story itself falls a bit flat in places though. For a threat that could wipe the human race from the face of the Earth, things don’t feel very dire nor the stakes that high. The heroes in New York seem pretty calm given everything that is happening.

Marcus To pencils a good issue. The only problem that comes across is that some of the layouts are confusing to follow. Aside from that, the issue is a solid one on the eyes. There is some strong action scenes with the characters that are captive on the ship.

New Warriors #3 is a step up in the young series. Although the story is still trying to find it’s legs, Yost and To are working on a series with a lot of potential. With great character interaction and solid art, this series has a lot going for it.


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