Justice League #36


By Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

The “Amazo Virus” story arc kicks off in a very different fashion for the League…a low point. The Luthor-engineered virus is on the verge of becoming a pandemic. The trinity and Lex are all that stands of the Justice League and they race to not only incapacitate the humans infected, but also ultimately find the cure within patient zero.

Geoff Johns throws the audience into the thick of the outbreak, but he does drop bits of exposition along the way. This allows for the real stakes this disease poses to truly sink in. Taking the notion of the physical villain in a new direction by framing the narrative in an outbreak scenario is fascinating, especially under the pen of Johns. Also, this allows the big three to, once again, come to the forefront and show readers why DC Comics has three of the most compelling characters of all time.

I fell in love with Jason Fabok’s work when it appeared in Detective Comics #27 with the prologue of his and John Layman’s “Gothtopia” arc. Finally seeing him take on this flagship title with Geoff is a dream come true. His full-page shot of Bruce and Clark together in stoic poses will just takes one’s breath away, and that’s only six pages in! He not only depicts awe-inspiring moments well, but captures the emotional weight this virus inflicts on the trinity. Those close-up panels of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are what really sell this story. Brad Anderson masterfully accentuates Jason’s pencil work. He brings to life the devastation and rot that has taken hold. The coloring on the League’s outfits is stellar, Anderson makes Bruce and Diana’s really stand out!

All around this story arc was started off on the right foot. I can’t freakin’ wait to see what this superb creative team has in store! This is a must-read this week.