By Cullen Bunn, Javier Fernandez, and Jordie Bellaire

Cullen Bunn has been assigned the task of bringing Magneto to his own series. What a series it’s turning out to be! Each issue we’re given a push towards something bigger while we’re drizzled with some of Magneto’s own brand of justice. Javier Fernandez does well to craft a violent desert scene that Jordie Bellaire colors perfectly.

Magneto has been producing some great cover art and Declan Shalvey along with Jordie Bellaire have done well to continue the trend. The blue Magneto alongside his black costumed shadow in front of the bright background is something Bellaire continues within the issue for her coloring throughout. In this issue we’re shown Magneto taking a walk in the woods and reminiscing about some previous antics. His helmet-less self follows suit to the dark demeanor of the cover image as his costumed alter ego holds to red gracing the covers background.

Magneto in this series has sworn to protect mutant kind the only way he sees fit, which is mass amounts of violence. We find him visiting previous locations in memory as he walks around in the present talking about what he “needs”.

The sketch approach to the art of Javier Fernandez fits well alongside the colors by Bellaire as she keeps with the light and dark themes. Fernandez does manage to draw up some pretty horror movie-esque scenes during Magneto’s encounters with those he wishes to punish and Bellaire does well to bring them to life, all while Bunn keeps stride with his rise in pain and rage growing within the bitter mutant. His take on Magneto has been one we’ve all wanted to see. The rogue mutant going out on his own to do what he’s wanted all along without the restraining thoughts of Xavier pulling him away.

Bunn writes some  horrific scenes in this issue while Fernandez does well to deliver the Magneto you’ve come to enjoy as together they give you more reason to look forward to the next issue (as if you needed it). Well played, guys… well played




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