By Colin Krisel, James Krisel, Bong Ty Dazo, Eugene Perez

“Apparently my paper was better than you thought.”

Jack is on the run in issue number two of The Markings. Where issue one gave a solid setup to the history involved, issue two serves to give a grand showcase of the magic. Writers Colin Krisel and James Krisel kick up the action this issue with plenty of tricks you’ve never even seen before – I mean, it all depends, but most likely you haven’t. (Huge chunk of asphalt splitting a car in half sound familiar at all? Yeah…didn’t think so)

Jack discovered something bigger than he could ever have imagined, and it seemed to have made quite a few people unhappy with him. A tale traveling back centuries comes to the modern day as Jack continues to try and unravel the mystery – and makes some pretty cool friends.

The art in this series is done by Bong Ty Dazo and colorist Euegene Perez. As mentioned above the action in this issue is something that comes to the forefront, more so than issue number one. When Jack tries to warn Morgan (his ex, and also the person that turned down his grant) someone comes knocking at the door. Cue fight scene! Dazo uses this scene to show off some great movement from the characters as well as his great use of facial expressions once again. A panel featuring a swift right hook from Jack lets you feel the impact as it knocks off the chin of his sparring partner. Perez again provides detailed coloring to the panels, and helps to making this fighting scene pop even more from the page.

The story of Jack and the markings is shrouded in mysteries that span the course of human history. We were taught some of the relevant historical content in issue one, but what stands out in issue two is an expansion on the ideas expressed in issue one’s opening scene – where the world of Merlin was briefly discussed. What do the markings have to do with history? Who doesn’t want their origins made public? Keep reading to find out!


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