By Colin Krisel, James Krisel, Bong Ty Dazo, Eugene Perez


Bit of a history buff? How about mysteries? Magic? Brothers Colin Krisel and James Krisel unfold a big story right from the first issue of The Markings #1. The main character, Jack, has been trying to get a grant for a big project he’s been working on – and it’s not proving to be an easy task.

This story centers on history, most closely around Alexander The Great (wish I had a name like that) and succeeds in making a history lesson come to life in a fresh way. The main character is driven by his imagination, letting something take control of his dreams that others around him just don’t seem to get. In a world of science, people want to see the proof, but Jack believes his findings amount to more and he’s willing to venture out to prove it.

On the art side of this issue is artist Bong Ty Dazo along with colorist Eugene Perez. Dazo does a great job throughout the story with facial expressions, and creates panels quite fitting to the story being told by the Krisel brother’s. Dazo also does well to create some very detailed scenes, one in particular shows off the room of Jack’s friend Charlie – the room a cluttered mess (looking awfully familiar…) with artifacts, coffee, take-out containers, and a disheveled bed, all of which is intricately colored by Perez – and is Charlie going to finish that burger?

Brothers Colin and James Krisel have taken their craft into the world of comics with their series The Markings and right from the first issue we’re given plenty of background as well as new mysteries to explore. Jack wants to gain the means to continue his research, but things definitely aren’t going to be easy for him. A story for the history books has begun!


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