The fine folks at Comics Alliance have a fun inteview with Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire in which they talk about the duo’s upcoming miniseries, The Valiant, which will feature art by Paolo Rivera.

Be sure to check out the interview, but here are some of the major takeaways:

  • The Valiant has been presented as a prestige format series, but will not be much longer than a regular issue (about 22-26 pages).
  • The book will probably fit the prestige format in that it will have a spine with a title as is normally seen in trades.
  • The Valiant will provide a good introduction to the Valiant universe for new readers, but it will not be an origin story.
  • The story is equally about all three of the characters, Gilad (the Eternal Warrior), Kay McHenry (the Geomancer), and Bloodshot.
  • While the characters will remain who they are, Valiant is giving the writing duo to write these characters as they would write them without having to fit to an idea of how they should be presented.
  • The writing appears to be a true collaboration between Kindt and Lemire. Here’s a quote from Matt Kindt:

    It’s not even character based, its almost like, who wants to do what scene, who already has an idea for it, and then we just split it based on that.

    To which Jeff Lemire replies:

    Or if I can hear Matt getting really excited about a certain scene or an idea for a scene and he’s like “I want to write that one.” We don’t really have a definite, like, “I write Bloodshot, you write Gilad”. Although he does insist on writing Ninjak.

The Valiant is due to hit store shelves this December.

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