By Ian Flynn, Powree, Matt Herms, John Workman

The last issue of Mega Man presented us with Flynn’s take on how the events of Mega Man 3 went down. It’s exciting to once again see our hero defeat the Robot Masters just like you’re supposed to beat them in the video game. It’s also nice to have a little more plot behind the action. Hey, we’re talking about the 8-bit era! There was too much platforming awesomeness going on to worry about something like in-depth plots!

Issue 42 is more of the same action and fun, only this time around; Flynn gives us much more story to chew on. Before Mega Man takes on Shadow Man, Flynn gives a backstory to the Robot Master and by the time the fight comes, his past is interweaving with the present to show certain parallels in the robot’s life. That’s some pretty complicated storytelling for an all-ages Archie title.

Then there’s Gemini Man. Oh, Gemini Man. You are a delight. This particular robot is able to self-duplicate and Flynn comes up with a fun way to portray that power in his personality. Due to always replicating himself, Gemini Man talks to himself and comes across as slightly schizophrenic. You almost feel bad for him. Well, until the last page. Mega Man is hurting, guys. Regardless, it’s wonderful to see these classic video game bad guys receive some proper characterization.

Powree comes back for another issue and it’s mostly spot-on work for an Archie Mega Man title. A little more work and consideration would have really helped out Shadow Man and Gemini Man. They were both treated very well as far as the plot goes, but their visual interpretations were a tad weak. Overall, this is nothing but nitpicking because the issue still looks great.

Mega Man 3 is a classic game and the current arc is certainly making the story even better. At this rate, Gemini Man should be getting his own solo title. I wouldn’t be able to resist that.


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