By Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez & Justin Ponsor

The first issue of this new Ultimate title with a long name had quite the cliffhanger. Fans all over the internet have been speculating just what the heck is going on. After this issue, we still don’t know what is happening, but we’re still treated to one of the best Miles stories to date. Spoiler Warning: Peter Parker has confronted Miles and may or may not be officially back. We’re still left in the dark over the details and so is Miles. Watching Miles freak out over the whole situation is so much fun, especially when Ganke further frustrates him with incessant nagging and prodding. These two have held the title of Best Bromance for three years and it looks like they’re about to go for four.

There are also some brief panels with Norman Osborn. Once again, we’re sketchy on the details, but if Stormin’ Norman is involved, you know it can’t be good. Judging by the cover of next issue, this is going to get intense. This issue is fantastic; as long as he’s writing Miles, it seems like Bendis can do no wrong. There isn’t much story progression, but this issue is so incredible because of Bendis’ ability to perfectly nail down these characters. Miles and Ganke are flawlessly written. It’s really something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Speaking of things that need to be seen, it’s nice to have David Marquez continue his spectacular run on Ultimate Spidey. Throw in Justin Ponsor’s colors and you have one pretty book. Even the backgrounds are beautiful and diverse. So much love and care went into every panel. PS Norman looks downright terrifying. It’s wonderful.

If this series isn’t on your pull list, you need to make room. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man is simply the best. In fact, it’s so good that even though the Ultimate universe is convoluted and worthless garbage, it manages to shine through like a diamond. Now that is some high praise.


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