By Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, Justin Ponsor

Bendis wrote a fantastic issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. What a shock, right? While the rest of the Ultimate universe withers away into obscurity, Miles manages to stand out. That’s no easy feat either, since that universe is such a mess.

Miles is one awkward dude. It’s hilarious. He has the best of intentions, but still manages to fall flat on his face. It’s a good thing that he has Ganke to remind him of his dramatic failures. From trying to come clean with his girlfriend to hunting down Green Goblin to the spot of Peter Parker’s death, Miles just seems to make one blunder after another. That has always been the appeal of Spider-Man, though. Peter Parker is such a screw up and so is Miles, just in a fresh and exciting way.

There’s also a number of supporting characters that get their time to shine. No matter what, Ganke seems to steal the show in every panel he’s in. Then there’s Jameson, who has really evolved after Parker’s death and the devastation of Cataclysm. He is no longer looking for sleazy headlines to make a quick buck. He now wants the truth. Maria Hill has been chasing mystery after mystery and just can’t seem to chalk up a win. It’s sad really. As far as ex-SHIELD Director Chang goes, she has certainly fallen from grace, but that has made her all the more determined.

David Marquez has been consistent as heck. He’s slowly become one of Marvel’s best artistic talents. This issue is more of that, with only a few hiccups. There are a few panels with Green Goblin where it looks like the styles of Marquez and colorist Justin Ponsor change on a whim and then reverts back to normal. It’s certainly a jarring experience.

With characterization this great, Bendis could probably save the whole Ultimate universe. Thankfully, he’s focusing on Miles and his cast, which at this point are the only Ultimate characters that truly matter. In a world of convoluted mistakes, Miles is the undisputed king.

Miles #3

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