MPH #3


By Mark Millar, Duncan Fegredo & Peter Doherty

Roscoe and his band of merry bandits continue to live out their dreams with what little time they have left before their stash of MPH runs out. Meanwhile, government officials prepare a secret weapon to start their offensive.

A good portion of this comic felt like a retread of the previous issue, which was highlighting the MPH-fueled escapades of the Detroit natives. Sure, it allows Duncan Fegredo and Peter Doherty to go to town artistically, but the story just stalls. Mark Millar seems more focused on driving the social commentary home, but it just comes off as hitting the reader a little too on the nose. Luckily, he saves the book with a mind-blowing third act!

What will instantly draw the readers in are the colors. Doherty peacocks the outfits of Roscoe and his crew with bright colors, which contrasts with the rigid blue and blacks of the government officials and police. It definitely imbues the story with nice, subtle subtext. Fegredo shines with the facial expressions. He runs the gambit of depicting jealousy, arrogance and pure fear throughout…just awesome stuff.

One may feel this issue just drags on, but hold out because the creative team delivers a complete left turn. Mark Millar and his collaborators rarely don’t deliver, so keep the course and stick with MPH.