By Ray Fawkes, Scott Snyder, Aco & Fco Plasencia

“Will you man the systems for me, old friend?”

“I will, Master Bruce. As always.”

Giving us some insight into what Batman has been up to during Futures End is writer Ray Fawkes along with Scott Snyder having helped with the story. Fawkes creates a tale relevant to both Batman’s intellect and his obsessive nature – convincing himself that Gotham needs a Batman forever and always, without giving thought to his many allies wearing a cowl to be able to replace him.

Fawkes does well to provide a way for Batman to meet with character banter by having a hologram of Luthor follow him through his travels. As Batman makes his way through different perils the hologram keeps trying to throw him off – saying things which might have worked on anyone other than Batman.

Providing the art for this issue is artist Aco, along with Fco Plascenia as the colorist. Aco creates his aging Bruce Wayne and Alfred without real intent towards facial details. He does, however, create a lot of intense panels and has fun thrashing Batman throughout the page. He creates a lot of smoke scenes, coming from gasses or explosions, that Placenia is able to color brightly and brings the panels to life as the smoke lingers from one scene to the next. A scene both artists do well in (one of the many scenes where this is the case) shows Batman making his way to Lexcorp, the lights of the city in the background a pale yellow, the buildings a fading brown, and the sky mixed with variations of the two colors – Batman is covered in shadows, the grey and black mixing just as the night’s sky.

It’s nice to see Bruce keeping busy in his old age, even if Alfred doesn’t seem to think it a good idea. But as he’s well aware, there’s no reasoning with Batman, Gotham needs him and that’s that.


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