By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Georges Jeanty, Cam Smith, Hi-Fi

Some humor, some closure, some BLAM, and some SLOORK!

Brian Azzarello and his fellow writers bring good laughs as well as compelling story elements to this week’s issue of The New 52: Futures End. The trio of Amethyst, Frankenstein, and Hawkman is turning out to be one that is wonderfully crafted. Hawkman’s energy and personality are a constant conflict to other characters, as is Amethyst’s temper and sarcasm. Frankenstein continues being just happy to be alive…or…dead…he’s happy, let’s just leave it at that. It’s within their scene that a lot of the humor comes into play and Franky makes sure to shout “Melmoth’s beard!” for good measure. A bit of closure comes into play in regard to the Firestorm storyline. Firestorm seems to be an important character to the Justice League, but what’s happened in past issues makes it clear the duo known as Firestorm is in no rush to make amends.

Artwork in this issue is done by penciller Georges Jeanty, inker Cam Smith, and the colors once again by Hi-Fi. There isn’t a whole lot of play with the panels, it’s just a straightforward approach for the most part. The characters are depicted just as they’ve been since #0. Jeanty makes the character that graced issue #8’s cover look angry during his madness – and considering the character doesn’t really have a normal face, this is pretty impressive. Hi-Fi does a great job with that same character, with his scene taking place in the dark, but being surrounded by sparks and small sources of light throughout his panels. It’s in these panels we witness the “SLOORK”…which sounds all sorts of painful.

Each week, this series gives us mini-stories for all its different storylines. A method such as this isn’t s fast paced-approach to the story, so details on certain scenarios might not be brought up as soon as you’d hope. However, this issue does give some much needed attention to Firestorm and the struggles Raymond and Jason have to deal with because of their alter ego.


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