By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Andy MacDonald, Hi-Fi

“That pain, shooting up your spine like a knife, is your L1 vertebra about to crack. When it does, the smell that will fill your nostrils is—”

This week kicks off with the landing of a certain journalists to a certain island. Eventually this certain journalist becomes aware she isn’t certain what she’s even doing there. Another event that happens revolves around a certain little girl, an eight year-old to be exact, with the powers of the gods, who wants a team of her own in order to show Slade what’s what. Oh, and Batman tackles Batman out of a window, which is always a nice change of pace.

Brian Azzarello along with his fellow writers create another action filled story in this week’s The New 52: Futures End #28. One of the big moments in this story comes from Fifty-Sue – she wants her own team and she just might get it! A line regarding her personality and powers comes up and fits her perfectly, “Well, excuse me, Mister Faraday, Sir. An eight-year-old girl with the power of God and the attitude of the devil…” – Doesn’t she just sound adorable? Another big moment comes from the confrontation of Batman and Batman! McGinnis was snooping around the apartment of an ex-Robin (is that was Batman calls his sidekicks? Does he have more ex relationships than me?) This is a shorter scene within this week’s issue, but it provides a rarely seen moment – as a look of surprise crosses the face of Batman (Bruce Wayne version).

On the art side of this week’s issue is Andy MacDonald accompanied by Hi-Fi on colors. MacDonald crafts some cool panels, but one of the scenes mentioned above stands out the most – the Bat fight scene! Terry sticks his head out of a burning building to tell Plastique to run! – because he’s about to get launched out of that window, by a very scary man. Behind Terry in one of the panels MacDonald creates a shadow of Batman with his hands up in the air like an animal about to rip him to shreds. Hi-Fi colors these panels with great shading and works with the lighting of the flames against the characters dressed in black. This scene, even though it’s short, stands out as one of the biggest in the issue, and a reason for that is because the art stands out so vividly – and Batman’s expression is priceless.

This week gave us some more surprises and set us up for some more confrontations to follow-up in later issues. And if you take a look at the preview page of issues to come…things are looking promising.


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