By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred

“Very well, earth girl. From this moment on, I solemnly swear to always respect your dots.”

Silver Surfer and Dawn have already had some awesome adventures in this series, but in Silver Surfer #7 writer Dan Slott finds a new way to showcase even more adventures the two have been on since we last saw them. Also, and this is very important, you must always respect the dots…always.

Slott has been taking us on a humor and action filled journey with his take on the Silver Surfer character. This time around is no different – which means it’s still hilarious and filled with action! While surfing the cosmos Surfer and Dawn Greenwood run into what appears to be an endless void. Something new? Well then, they must go into the void and see what lies beyond it! Using this as a starting point the story shifts into a montage of sorts, and Slott’s storytelling does a great job of introducing us to new characters and the different mischief the two have already been in during their short time together so far.

Accompanying Slott for the storytelling aspect to the story is artist Michael Allred. Michael, along with Laura Allred, once again create some imaginative scenes throughout the story. The way this story is broken down provides for a lot of fun scenes. One scene in particular shows two aliens waving down Surfer and Dawn for help. It turns out it’s a mother and father and their son has fallen into a moon maze! But who could fit into the small crack to save him? Surely not Surfer, or Dawn, but Toomie can! (Love that Dawn calls the board Toomie) This panel shows an actual maze crafted by Michael and Laura Allred similar in color to the red moon in which it’s encased. When you check it out you can actually follow the maze and solve it, which is something we’ve all been wanting in our comics, whether you admit to it or not. So good luck! Don’t get lost!

This issue brought us another fun addition to the Silver Surfer story – and also gives a bit of a surprise at the ending. O0o0o0o0o0o!


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