Rai #3 is out today, and if you haven’t picked up the first two issues yet, do yourself a favor and read them before picking this book up so you can be caught up. The revelations of this issue really keep the story moving, and reinforces why Rai has become such a sellout hit.

1404951219234screencapture The Story

There isn’t much I can say about this issue without giving too much away, but Matt Kindt has obviously spent a great deal of time and effort in crafting the intricate storyline we see unfold in the series, and within this issue.

We are introduced to a new characters, get some more information on Spylocke, learn more about Dr. Silk, and get some major revelations about Rai’s origin, all while raising even more questions. I don’t think we’ll be getting the full details of Rai’s past before the end of this arc next month, but we got some really good information about the murdered woman and her connection to Rai in this issue.

The dialogue is superb and the scenes with Dr. Silk – yes, he’s back! – are amazing, due in part to Clayton Crain’s character design. Yet, Kindt’s dialogue keeps the story moving and I can’t help but love the evil genius that is Silk.

We are reintroduced to the positronic character from the bar in issue #1 and hope we learn more about her connection to the murder and Rai.

Kindt continues to deliver!

1404951913737screencapture The Art

The first two issues of Rai have been exception in the art department, and not only is issue 3 no exception, it sets the bar for the most beautiful and innovative art work in comics today thanks to the amazing work of Clayton Crain. If pictures are worth a thousand words then this book is an encyclopedia.

In all my years of reading comics, never have I ever seen such innovating panel work, breathtaking art, and amazing colors. While the story remains top notch, the art in this book is a real seller.

I am ecstatic that Valiant is running the series in four issue bursts with a 3 month break because it will ensure the quality of the art maintains the standard that Crain has set so far. Truly incredible!


If I had to pick one word to describe this issue it would be breathtaking. The work that Kindt and Crain are putting in here is top notch and exemplary of what a quality book should be. This duo is firing on all cylinders and I can’t wait for the next issue of the series.

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