By Peter David, Will Sliney, & Antonio Fabela

Spoiler alert: this review is being written by a Spider-Man 2099 fanboy with a complete set of the original series. Having the original writer of that series on board for the relaunch is beyond exciting. It’s like all of our nineties dreams are coming true.

However, the past doesn’t matter. What does matter is the present. As far as first issues go, this is standard fare. We are introduced to Spidey 2099 and his alter ego, who is currently stuck in the present due to events that played out in the Superior Spider-Man series. Peter David’s writing is clear and concise, giving us the exact information that a new reader needs without any fluff to bog things down. By the end of the issue, you will know exactly who Miguel O’Hara (currently going by the name Mike O’Mara) is and how he operates. He’s a bit more cold and calculating than Peter Parker, but not a straight-up anti-hero like Superior Spider-Man. The villain we receive is forgettable, which is fine since his only purpose is to set up a premise, as well as be a punching bag for our hero.

Not much happens in the way of story progression. The final page leaves on a cliffhanger that will be addressed down the road, so that’s really the only thread that gets left hanging. This issue is very well-written, but suffers just a bit from first issue blues. It’s probably nothing to worry about, now that the initial setup is done and over with.

Will Sliney’s art is solid, even though it has a style that has been used in almost every Spidey issue for past 13 years. In costume, Spidey 2099 looks incredible, with a few panels worthy of being hung up in your nerd cave. Miguel is drawn well, but like past depictions, there’s nothing to distinguish his look from Peter Parker’s. Other than that, it’s a pretty first issue.

Despite being nothing more than setting a stage, this is a great start to a new series. Everything that you love about Miguel is still there, even though his surroundings have drastically changed. If there’s any guy who can keep up with Spidey 2099, it’s Peter David. Now, who do I need to talk to in order to get a new Punisher 2099 series?


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