By Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch

If you’re not reading Rat Queens, you’re essentially failing at life. This series continues to build a world that is not only interesting, but has the you-know-whats to not take any of that too seriously. Even in the face of certain death, the Rat Queens drop a few F-bombs just for your enjoyment.

Issue 7 definitely raises the stakes. This issue is chock-full of dark agendas and bloody violence. Most of it involves Gerrig Lake, who has Sawyer Silver naked and crucified. We’re presented with some more background information involving Mr. Lake, primarily his ties to the town and specifically why he blames Sawyer for the death of his wife. It’s a very intriguing scene that progresses him from a decent antagonist to great villain, which is one of the only things the series has been lacking.

Don’t worry about the depressing stuff, though. This issue still manages to be hilarious. It’s astonishing how every single joke strikes hard and true. Hannah steals the show with her quick wit and foul mouth. Dee isn’t quite as funny, but as always, she manages to be a great, especially with her husband now in the picture. Unfortunately, Violet’s role is lacking in this issue. In Wiebe and Upchurch’s defense, there was a lot of story progression going on, so perhaps Violet was the odd girl out.

Roc Upchurch’s artwork is as stellar as ever. He’s given Rat Queens a unique style that makes their universe all the more engaging. Betty and the candy girl come to mind as a fantastic scene, both funny and creative. It’s also worth noting that he isn’t afraid to objectify both men and women, evening the playing field like no other book on the stands. Seriously, everything is fair game.

Man, Rat Queens is so awesome. Its story progression keeps things exciting and the humor is still there to make you smile. Are you reading Rat Queens yet? You really should be. Go buy it. Now.


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