By Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga has been one of the finest comics on shelves ever since its conception and it’s great to have this book back on a monthly basis. If you’re reading comics then you should be reading this book – because that’s just how good it is right now, with a stellar contribution month after month by everybody involved.

The new arc opens in the near future, allowing readers who have just caught up on the trade paperbacks to jump in clearly, as well as provide a good jumping on point for readers like myself who may have perhaps read one trade, but are not fully caught up on the series proper. This book sees Marko and Alana, along with Hazel, now a toddler, Izabel and Klara hiding in secret on the world of Gardenia. Alana has become a stage actor, and the only one of the group who isn’t avoiding public spotlight.

With the book being essentially a full issue of set-up, this would have felt like a negative point in a weaker book. However, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar to Vaughan’s writing by now – and you should know that Saga is far from a weaker book – the new direction is handled very well, with the book feeling fresh and exciting. The development of the family is interesting, and the main strength here is character focus and it works. If you’re a fan of the characters then you’re going to enjoy reading this issue, just as much as if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Fiona Staples’ artwork is fantastic as per usual, and one of the book’s many highlights. Each issue has seen her deliver some fantastic artwork and this one is no exception. The fact that she does the colours as well as the pencils is great, and they’re continuously put out at a high standard.

Don’t go in expecting big, epic moments in the storyline though. This book doesn’t have any explosive or earth-shattering moments, but the character focus instead works wonders and Vaughan’s script does not disappoint, with the continuation of the world building as he fleshes out the Robot Kingdom among others, and there’s some great humour moments as well.

In short, if you’re looking for something excellent – then you’ve come to the right place. This is your chance to find out why this book is the best on shelves right now, and it ends on a shocking twist that will really have you eagerly anticipating next issue.

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