By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

 “Fine! I will use my cosmic senses and find you the greatest ice cream in the galaxy.”

This series has continuously provided stories filled with great humor and great action. Issue #6 takes that idea and multiplies over and over. Dawn Greenwood and Silver Surfer make a great pair, Dawn more silly in her antics but very witty, and Silver Surfer approaching situations with his dry almost flawless look at things.

Dan Slott is one side of the storytelling team behind these stories and he uses Dawn to bring the funny all over the galaxy (SUBSPACE looks yummy! But do they have gluten-free there?). Silver Surfer is used to flying about the stars by himself, so for someone to be along with him quickly becomes a hindrance. Dawn however has proved herself to be quite helpful in tough situations, as she continues to do in this issue. The banter between the two characters and Surfer’s lack of understanding human emotions/human tendencies make for some great scenes as well.

Michael Allred along with Laura Allred pull together the artwork once again. The scenes flying about space are met with a lot of bright greens and pinks splattered on the planets as they pass by – the colors being done by Laura. The last page of the story shows a once in a lifetime space occasion popping off the page with its intense colors –as Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood sit on “Toomie” and watch it all go down. This scene combines the sentiment quality of Slott’s writing with Michael and Laura delivering the beautiful artwork to coincide with it. The scene takes place because Dawn notices something off to the side, something Surfer reveals he would have passed by had she not said something. This dynamic between the two and Surfer being able to essentially experience the universe all over again through someone else’s eyes is what this book really pushes for. The two of them sitting on the board and staring into the colorful supernova is a great scene.

This series has been excellent from the get-go, but this issue soars above what we’ve already seen (which is pretty high). If you haven’t started reading this series…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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