By Corrina Beckho, Gabriel Hardman and Jordan Boyd

Month after month, Star Wars Legacy is continuously proving to be the best Star Wars title on shelves right now. Brian Wood’s Star Wars – or at least, up until recently, has been good, for sure – but Star Wars Legacy has been knocking it out of the park month after month with fantastic consistency, and ever since Volume 1 it’s been one of the best titles not just from the Star Wars verse, but possibly in the entirety of the sci-fi genre of comics. It beats the current incarnations of Green Lantern and Guardians of the Galaxy at DC and Marvel respectively for example – and this issue really helps reinforce that fact.

Following the conclusion of #12, Ania Solo, descendant of Han and Leia – is struggling against not only a bounty hunter responsible for bringing down the crashed ship, but an old flame – who’s the reason why she’s in this situation in the first place, because both believe that Ania is responsible for the murder of an Imperial Knight with a Bounty on her head, and not even allies Sauk, Jao and AG-37 are certain of her innocence. It’s not a good situation to be in, certainly, and both Beckho and Hardman handle the creative duties incredibly well – with both of them working together to create an incredibly strong script that starts well, flowing nicely across the series and ending on a nice cliffhanger moment that will keep readers around for what’s next. It’s certainly a confidently written issue – both Beckho and Hardman have been knocking it out of the park lately and although there may not be lightsaber battles every other page, this comic still distinctively has the look and feel of a Star Wars title – even if it is set several years after the ending of the original movies to the point where not a single character is alive that we’re familiar with.

The artwork is handled by Gabriel Hardman who does an amazing job. The fact that he’s on narrative duties with Beckho as well allows both to play to each other’s strengths – and the end result is pulled off very well with some awesome panels – which are only enhanced by colourist Jordan Boyd, who pulls off a really good job as he helps enhance the atmospheric tone of the book.  On top of that, the cover art by Agustin Alessio is stunning – the image of Ania in battle with the Bounty Hunter being one of my favourite cover artworks of the week, and with a week with so many stellar releases it’s a great achievement.

Should you be reading Star Wars Legacy? Most definitely. If you love the Star Wars Universe and are not reading it already then you really should give it a try – but #13 is probably not the best jumping on point. Volume 1 however is out in trade – and it, much like this issue – comes highly recommended. Marvel, are you paying attention? This is one creative team that you’ll want to keep around when you take a hold of the franchise.



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Milo is a fan of comics, movies and television, and he reads too many books, listens to far too much music and watches far too many shows and movies. His favourite Star Wars movie is The Last Jedi.

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