By Corrina Bechko, Gabriel Hardman & Jordan Boyd

Star Wars Legacy is one of the best titles available on shelves right now, and the creative team of Bechko and Hardman continue to knock it out of the park issue after issue. Their work over the past fourteen books to bring Ania Solo to life as a fully realized, well developed and memorable character is something that should not be ignored by any Star Wars fan, and is essential reading for anyone interested in the Expanded Universe.

With a bounty on her head for the murder of an Imperial Knight, Ania Solo is being hounded by two bounty hunters, including an old flame. And a former Imperial Knight, Jao Assam, is also after her – but unlike the other two hunters, is unsure of her innocence whilst a second Knight digs into her past. It certainly makes for a packed issue, and with the pace consistently strong thanks to the writing pair of Bechko and Hardman, Star Wars Legacy really shines as a stellar book.

The artwork looks amazing. Star Wars Legacy, as well as being one of the better written books on shelves right now, is also one of the better looking titles. Gabriel Hardman’s artwork makes it look consistently amazing and with the colours from Jordan Boyd a great atmospheric feel is created, for the bulk of the issue takes place on a planet that rains glass – and this is pulled off very well indeed, with the fight scenes orchestrated in fantastic detail.

Star Wars Legacy #14 is once again, another stellar issue. The character building between Ania and Ramid, her old flame, is handled exceptionally well. It’s great to see these characters interacting and whilst this book isn’t the most action packed issue of Star Wars Legacy ever, it does provide some good character moments with Ania and Ramid being at the centre.

Whilst we still aren’t clear on all of Ania’s back story, Star Wars Legacy #14 manages to handle the mystery concerning her character well, with development and past history being pulled off so that it never feels like info-dumping. She’s quickly become one of the strongest and most memorable new additions to the Expanded Universe and hopefully we’ll get to see more of her following the conclusion of this series.

Star Wars Legacy #14 is amazing. Month after month, Bechko and Hardman drag Ania through a variety of storylines each as interesting as the next. The cliffhanger at the end also manages to leave readers waiting for the fifteenth issue, and like the rest of the book is handled very well – making this one corner of the Star Wars Universe that you will certainly want to explore, and much like the previous issues in this title, this book comes highly recommended as one of my favourite current ongoing series right now.


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