By Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli

The last issue of Superior was a mess and an abomination. Slott should be ashamed of himself. It was unbearable. Fortunately, #27.Now is a vast improvement. Sure, it still suffers from some of the same problems, but it’s nowhere near as bad as #26.

The Green Goblin has officially showed his hand and revealed himself to Spidey-Ock. That’s the worst of his problems. He also has other things to worry about, such as his Spider Bots not working, friends/coworkers turning their backs on him, and Mayor Jameson being hellbent on his destruction. There are a lot of plot threads being thrown around and Slott handles them better than he has in the past. The story reads a little more smoothly and avoids feeling like a jumbled mess. Even the ending has a certain level of excitement.

Another improvement is the dialogue. Instead of the writing standards of a 3rd grader, this issue is at least 5th grade caliber. Slott should be commended for even getting that far. The Green Goblin has nothing of value to say. It’s just empty words with no impact behind them.

Giuseppe Camuncoli treats us to some very extraordinary artwork. The art inside Parker’s mindscape are full of visuals from classic stories that Camuncoli gives his own unique twist to. In most panels, Green Goblin looks incredible. He’s modern, yet classic. He also looks fierce as heck. What Slott fails at, Camuncoli makes up for.

While not exactly recommendable, Superior #27.Now is much better and gives a glimmer of hope for a decent ending to the era of Spidey-Ock. This series started out with a bang, but quickly became the inconsistent and poorly written crapfest that Amazing had become. At least there’s another Spider-Man title coming.

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