By Dan Slott & Giuseppe Camuncoli

Things are not looking good for the Superior Spider-Man. The Goblins are attacking on all fronts and things are truly turning into an actual war. The buildup to this issue has been lackluster to say the least, but I’m willing to give credit to Slott for putting together an issue that works much better than its predecessors.

Some of the problems are still present: the bad dialogue and overstuffed subplots can make for a mess of a comic. However, Slott manages to take a step back and make these side stories flow more seamlessly. That doesn’t mean that Slott is holding back though. There is a lot of action and drama that gets addressed and a new desperation is felt throughout the issue. Spidey-Ock is getting screwed and creating a complete disaster of Peter Parker’s life. Will he be able to handle the fire, or will it take somebody more “Amazing?” If Peter Parker is the one to pick up the pieces, it’s going to make for some interesting stories.

Giuseppe Camuncoli turns in a great issue. For the most part, it’s standard superhero fare, but Camuncoli embraces it and the result is impressive. There are a number of panels with Mary Jane that look better than anybody has drawn her in a long time. The Goblins look fierce and some of the henchmens’ ninja weapons make these superhero punching bags look intimidating. It’s a nice touch.

Despite a few of the usual snags, Slott has impressed me for at least an issue. Things will inevitably go south again, but I’ll take a decent Spider-Man issue whenever I can. As we approach the end of Superior, we can at least say that Marvel tried something different. On occasion, we even got a decent comic out of it.


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