By Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Dustin Nguyen

Even though Superman Unchained was beginning to take a turn for the better, it’s hard to care about a DC title that constantly gets delayed. Readers will probably have to pull out the last issue to remember where the heck we left off. However, despite a few flaws, this issued is packed full of exciting action and is quite enjoyable.

The main flaw of the series remains to be Wraith. Last issue improved by giving us some reasons to take him seriously as a character. Unfortunately, that doesn’t carry over. Wraith continues to be a boring one note character with nothing about him that’s attention-grabbing.

That being said, Snyder certainly works his magic with other characters. For numerous reasons, writers have a hard time finding the right voice for Big Blue. Snyder does not appear to have this problem. His Superman is intriguing and well-versed. He’s a hero we can really rally behind. Lois is reduced to a damsel in distress, but Snyder still manages to give her some decent dialogue for a noteworthy conversation with Superman.

This isn’t Jim Lee’s most impressive work. On most pages Superman looks incredible. In others, he’s stiff and is put in some really awkward poses. Even the action is lacking. It’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s happening. Dustin Nguyen draws the epilogue, but it’s only 2 pages. Although brief, his kooky style manages to make an impression.

Superman Unchained is ending with issue 9, so we only have 3 issues left. That’s probably not enough time for Snyder to properly present this event. Only time will tell, though. For what it’s worth, this issue is a great example of how fun Snyder’s Superman can be.


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