By Scott Lobdell & Tyler Kirkham

The New 52 relaunch of Teen Titans has been plagued with the same problems since issue one. Writer Scott Lobdell has led the Titans through many different challenges since the relaunch, some interesting and others not so much, but all the while the same issues keep cropping up month after month.

We’re 28 issues into this series and in the middle of a fairly long story arc, so why is it that Lobdell insists on wasting space every issue explaining that Red Robin is the leader of the Titans, who Superboy is and why Bart is in the position he is in?

The problem is overwriting. The same problem the book has nearly every month. Lobdell tells way more often than he lets the art show the readers what is happening. This not only leads to clunky sounding writing, but it also has a hampering effect on the art.

Tyler Kirkham does a good job on this action packed issue, however. He has some double page spreads that show a lot of scope and really displays the carnage taking place in the courthouse. Kirkham gives every member of the Titans at least a page or two to really shine during the battle.

Unless the last two issues of the series and the annual coming out in the next couple months pick up the quality, it is sad to see this series go out on this note. The ‘Trial of Kid Flash’ storyline has been the weakest from the series run. The series has three issues left to end things on a strong note rather than limping across the finish line.


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