In our continued celebration of free Valiant #1’s on Comixology, we bring you our review of Bloodshot #1. Make sure you check out the rest of the Throwback Review sections for more Valiant!

The Story

Having first read the relaunched Bloodshot character from his appearances in Harbinger – but not from previous incarnations of the character – I knew what to expect out of this book and the story did not disappoint. Duane Sweirczynski does a great job at bringing new characters up to speed with the character’s backstory and throws readers right into the action.

The panels where Bloodshot is completely confused and torn by the realization that he has multiple implanted memories is gripping and really adds another layer to the character beyond just a super soldier. The integration of multiple factions fighting for control of Bloodshot is great and will play out nicely in subsequent arc.

The Art

Valiant has some top notch artists in all its books and Bloodshot is no exception. Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi really knock it out of the park here. This book doesn’t just have lots of action, it is EXTREMELY violent. Both artists do a great job at showcasing not just the warrior side of Bloodshot, but also his emotional side. The scenes with Bloodshot’s family – even if they are implanted memories – are really heart wrenching. A+


Bloodshot #1 is an extremely fun issue. The beginning of the book can be a little confusing as the reader learns alongside Bloodshot that he doesn’t really know who or what he is. The action is great, and the panels of Bloodshot blowing up – of which there are quite a few! – are tons of fun.

We know that Bloodshot will be returning in October and Valiant has big plans for the character so if you’re not reading the book, this is a great time to start.

Bloodshot #1

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