We continue our look at Valiant #1’s, free this month on Comixology, with a Throwback Review of the first issue of Shadowman.

The Story

Writing duties are done by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher, who also provides art for the book. The first few pages of the book are a perfect introduction to all the important players here – Josiah, Helena, Jack, Dox, Master Darque, etc – without putting so much emphasis on background details. We do learn that Jack’s parents have disappeared, and that there is something evil brewing – thanks to the introduction of Mr. Twist halfway through the book – setting up the rest of the first arc.

Speaking of Mr. Twist, what an utterly disgusting but amazing character. Part of me wants to keep reading this book just to see what he is up to.

The Art

The art in this issue is great. Patrick Zircher provides the art while Brian Reber does colors. Zircher’s art fits the tone of the book quite well, and his facial expressions are really expressive. His character designs are great and it’s nice to see a redesigned Master Darque in the book – even if for just a few panels – but the character that takes the cake is Mr. Twist.

The art wouldn’t really pop if it weren’t for Reber’s colors, though. The muted tones are nicely contrasted with bright colors though, in particular with the villains of the book which is odd, but refreshing, having the good guys appear darker than the bad.


Jordan and Zircher provide a fantastic introduction to all the important characters and aspects of this book in this issue making it a great introduction to new readers. Having just finished reading Shadowman: End Times, it was nice going back to the first issue of the book and seeing the character progressions. While not for everyone, the first issue of Shadowman is a fun read.

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