By Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweiser

The latest issue of Velvet really evokes the classic phrase, “the plot thickens”. Velvet is both trying to uncover the mystery of who killed her friend and colleague Agent X-14, but also clear her name as the main suspect. Now just saying that may seem pretty easy but this issue shows that nothing about this whole scenario is going to be easy.

Velvet, with the help of her old friend Burke, decides to start her investigation by retracing Agent X-14’s steps before his death. Just trying to find a good place to start their investigation is proving to be much more difficult then she thought, but it also shows how deep this cover-up goes. Brubaker does an excellent job of keeping this series exciting to read and keeping readers interest. Brubaker’s experience really pays off on the pages of Velvet since every issue has so far felt perfectly paced to keep the reader on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next. So far Brubaker has done a magnificent job balancing action, intrigue and still keeping the mystery interesting without revealing too much, which just keeps us all thrilled to read more.

With a straight up espionage story, one could worry that the art might slip into being boring or flat but when your artist is Steve Epting, but you don’t have to worry about that. Epting makes a this spy story both feel very real while still being able to capture that feeling of the 70’s without having to hammer it out over and over on the pages. Between Eptings art and Breitweiser’s colors, each panel looks so beautifully realistic that it truly does remind you of the feeling you would get watching a movie.  Velvet is a series that proves you don’t just need words to tell a story because quality art will also do its own form of narration without using words.

It’s hard to believe that Velvet is only on its third issue because this series has felt so rich from a reader’s viewpoint. There is so much in every issue that keeps the flow of story moving which just hooks your attention and even though you are left wanting to read more Velvet still gives you enough to tide you over till the next issue.


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