By James Robinson, Greg Hinkle


“Well, all I know is the only people who truly aren’t great are the ones who’ve given up trying to be.”

This comic is really deep. If you need some inspiration to get off your couch (where I’m currently writing this) then read this comic! Although the inspiration leads to writing…so…staying on this couch…is the best thing to do right now. #Deep

The last issue to Airboy by James Robinson and Greg Hinkle brings in the feels. Like, really hard. Like reading this will make you feel bad about binge watching the entire series of the new Aziz Ansari show when you could have been writing. It’s really good though, and he totally gets me. This issue Robinson and Hinkle finally get their shot to redeem themselves in the world of Airboy, and be “heroes” for a change. Robinson announces this with the following line, which inspires the best in all of us, “Hey Greg! Come on, let’s do this! Let’s be comic book heroes!” With that Robinson and Hinkle (who are also the characters in their own comic, in case you’re not caught up) suit up to help Airboy and his companions fight the Nazis. The overlying story this entire four issue run however, has been in regards to more of an inner struggle; most prominently with Robinson’s character facing the world of writing and his lack of success in comparison to some of the other comic book writers out there (he even lists a few in this issue).

The artwork of this series has been done by Greg Hinkle as he continued to deliver quality work. He depicts the real world as dull and grey, covered in green, blue, white. This in comparison to Airboy’s world is quite different. The world of Airboy is filled with color (think Wizard of Oz style) as Robinson and Hinkle try to cope with what is actually happening to them both (is it a bad trip or is it really happening?). The depictions of the war are well done by Hinkle, creating quite a few panels worth mentioning here. One of the best pages this issue though comes when Airboy and his comrades all man their planes and fly in to aid the ground efforts by Robinson and Hinkle. In this scene we see the planes swooping into action and shooting at the ground below, the orange bullets shining brightly in the night sky. Hinkle covers the panel in a dark purple/grey which allows the differing planes and explosions to stand out.

Robinson and Hinkle end their Airboy series on a high note as both humor and heart are prominent throughout. Hinkle delivers on the actions sequences as he depicts the war efforts against the Nazis. Robinson ties up his story of self-loathing and perseverance in a fitting way to the flow of the story. Now, let’s get off the couch and get some writing done. Or stay on the couch. Just make sure you’re writing.




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