By Mark Waid, Adam Kubert, Mahmud Asrar, Sonia Oback and Dave Mccaig

Another major Marvel event is wrapping up; guess what that means? You bet, a shake up of teams and a new #1. We have the pleasure of meeting the All-New All-Different Avengers. A new writer, a couple of new artists and a new team. The kicker here is that this particular team features such a ragtag group of heroes and almost no previous Avengers staples. This bizarre mix could be a very good thing or it could honestly be something terrible.

Mark Waid is not known for putting out bad books; the man has a pretty good track record with many characters from a few different companies. Here we have him taking on some interesting choices for the Avengers. The first story focuses on Iron Man, Falcon America and Miles Morales. This is the less exciting of the two tales. Waid writes the characters witty, but the story isn’t too exciting. The most interesting thing in this part of the issue is the character that buys Stark tower. He seems cocky and appears to be very powerful, and he’s not afraid to flex his muscles. Waid also does take a small jab at readers who refuse to acknowledge that Sam Wilson is the new Captain America as he has a bystander say “he’s not my Captain America.” The second part of the issue features the first meeting of Nova and Ms. Marvel. This is the more fun of the two stories and shows off Waid’s ability to write some of these unfamiliar characters superbly. The interactions between both Sam and Kamala are spot on and their internal monologue is very entertaining. This is also fun because as we see now, the two don’t exactly like each other, but their dynamic will change once they join forces and that will be fun to see. Waid has planted some decent seeds in the second half of the issue.

The pencils and colors are split up among four different people. Adam Kubert and Sonia Oback tackle the first part, while Mahmud Asrar and Dave Mccaig handle the second half. Kubert’s pencil are pretty good, but there are a few sloppy parts here and there like when we see panels of different girl scouts. His best panels are when he is able to draw things close up. A panel of Tony grabbing Miles leg as he falls is so detailed that we get to see Tony’s cufflinks. Miles looks great in this issue and his costume is electric, which is also a compliment to Sonia Oback. Her colors really get a chance to shine here as the sky looks a perfect blue and red. Oback nails it this issue and works well with Kubert. Mahmud Asrar and Dave Mccaig cover the second half of the book and give it a fun and light feel. Asrar has really grown as an artist in the past year and is putting out some very nice pencils. The first couple of pages with Kamala and her friends really sets the tone for the art. Asrar has a knack for drawing Kamala and he gives her a ton of great facial expressions in this story, although her look of surprise as Sam catches her in the alley is the best looking one. The colors by Dave Mccaig help add to the fun tone. Ms. Marvel’s outfit looks great with the perfect tone of blue with a nice yellow stripe. Mccaig’s colors allow you to feel safe.

All-New All-Different Avengers is another re-launch from Marvel. The good news is that it’s pretty decent and worth a read. Mark Waid doesn’t generally disappoint and the art is well done by all involved.

All-New All-Different Avengers #1
All-New All-Different Avengers #1

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