By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, Davide Furno, Paolo Armitano, John Kalisz

“I’m here, Penny-two. The Riddler triggered an avalanche, we both got caught in it. I should be fine…as soon as I figure out which way is up.”

Gotham descends further into turmoil in this week’s issue of Batman Eternal #40. As both the cover and the quote above suggest this issue kicks off where the last one left off – the avalanche! This and the scenes that follow show us how Batman is still persevering even as the world falls all around him (the avalanche actually falling around him is a nice touch on this idea).

Scripting this week from the story by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV is Ray Fawkes. This week Fawkes shows us around Gotham a bit as well as keeps us up to date on Batman’s situation – what with the large amount of snow burying him and all. Something he did really well this week is to show the dynamic happening between Gotham’s A-team of villains alongside Gotham’s B-C team. There’s a lot of humorous banter going back and forth as they either commend or insult one another while looking through their new found bat-loot.

Artwork this week is done by Davide Furno and Paolo Armitano along with colors by John Kalisz. A great scene in this issue features Firefly having some fun with the new loot and showing Catwoman his “resume” via huge car explosion – sounds cool right? It is. The artwork style throughout is kept crisp and expressions evoke terror and fear in quite a few scenes. One featuring Riddler and Batman has Riddler hiding in a hole trying to stay hidden – not going to happen! (Batman finds Waldo within seconds!). The colors by Kalisz add so much to the artwork as well – especially during the snow scenes – as he portrays the pink and blue sky with the staggering green figure (Riddler) off in the distance.

This week shows us once again how much turmoil is brewing in Gotham, but with the bat-family running around out there is there still hope for Batman? And which side is Catwoman on?


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