By Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen, Scot Eaton, Scott Hanna, Hi-Fi

“Looks like green jeans has caught quite a bug, eh, Princess? Forget to take his vitamins?”


Great scenes come out of this week’s issue of The New 52: Futures End #36, some funny and some down-right depressing. The quote above coming via Constantine during a scene featuring the lingering fate of Frankenstein due to the Nth metal – but with Amethyst by his side nothing can go wrong right? …right?!

Brian Azzarello and his fellow Futures End writers once again jump around and show us the many stories unfolding in the world that is forever 5 years from now (just had New Years…is it closer yet?). One of the most pressing matters recently has been Frankenstein’s sickness due to the Nth metal in his/Hawkman’s arm. This week we’re once again given insight into how this is progressing, and in seeing this progression the story is given a heartfelt moment due to Amethyst’s desire to keep Frank “alive”.

Other humorous scenes come this issue via Fifty-Sue and Constantine (again). As Fifty-Sue shows off her grand power in a rather childish way, and Constantine makes a snarky remark about Superman –who isn’t really someone I’d want to piss off right now/or ever (unless I was Batman).

On the art side of this week is Scot Eaton on pencils, with Scott Hanna on inks and colors by Hi-Fi. There’s a few great full-page images in this week’s issue, the first of which features Amethyst’s response to Constantine’s comment. Without going into spoiler detail on what’s happening in the image there’s a great look at Amethyst’s aggression through her facial expression as well as Deadman’s shock (yeah he’s there too) as he looks on in the background. The play with the positions of the characters is done well too, as Constantine’s left hand looks as if protruding from the scene – like in 3D dude!

This week gives us enough to bate our breath’s for next week’s issue, but also returns a few characters we haven’t seen for a bit. Shazam’s sense of humor is also something that I’m staring to look forward to:

“Why can’t you use the transporter like everyone else?” – Stormguard

“Uh, because flying is way more fun?” – Shazam




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