By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins, David Lafuente, Victor Olazaba, Scott Hanna, John Rauch

“Harper, if you don’t stop hugging me, I am going to set you on fire. Like, I will literally make a fire, and then I will take you and put you in the fire, and then you will be on fire.”

The Bat-family grows more and more each day it seems, and in this week’s issue its newest member gets her first official team-up!

Scripting this week’s issue is James Tynion IV, from the story both Scott Snyder and he have written. There’s plenty to enjoy this week as Tynion gives us great scenes with both action and some laughs. We also get to see Selina Kyle go total Gotham kingpin as she looks over the balcony and onto her bustling new underground casino – along with a special guest *SPOILER ALERT* – just kidding, but really not kidding, because that’s a clue as to who the special guest is.

The artwork this week…the ARTWORK this week…is fantastic. Artist David Lafuente gives us pages filled with vibrant characters – looking the kind of style reminiscent of The Batman animated series from a few years back. He’s accompanied by inkers Victor Olazaba and Scott Hanna along with colorist John Rauch. Together they make some great scenes – a favorite being Bluebird’s first big team-up with the big man himself. They’re both in the casino, doing what they “do”, consisting mostly of wrecking the entire place, shooting electricity about, the usual business – all taking place in a huge image with some smaller panels along the right hand side. Lafuente showing some great detail in some of the background panic happening. Also an interesting feature to Kyle’s new casino is a ceiling similiar to Batman’s cave (The Cat Cave?). Rauch’s colors keep Bluebird and Bats front and center in the image, as their destruction raises mayhem behind them (and all of this at 2:05 AM…crazy kids).

This week brought the scene we’ve all been waiting for (trust me, you’ve been waiting for this scene) with a few laughs along the way.


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