Effigy #1


By Tim Seeley, Marley Zarcone & Ryan Hill

In this current comic book climate, there are more and more noir narratives coming out, so it’s very important that the creative teams develop thematic, high-concept stories. Luckily, Effigy is right on this mark. The story focuses on Chondra Jackson, a former child star from a tokusatsu-inspired series called Star Cops. Now an actual police officer in her hometown, she is called in to assist on her fist big case: a murder investigation.

What makes this book so compelling is its examination of the celebrity; the notoriety/fandom, the “fall from grace”, high expectations and pride. With this element, Tim Seeley is able to bring real dimension and realism to Chondra and her story. Even before the murder is even mentioned, the material is strong enough to pull readers in. Seeley’s characterizations are well executed.

Ryan Hill’s color work really makes the material stand out. Star Cops was an over-the-top series and the chosen colors perfectly convey that. The sequences that show the dangers looming also have a different tone than the events in Chondra’s hometown, Effigy Mound; definitely fascinating creative choices to take into account.

Marley Zarcone’s depiction of the murder victim is an odd blend of eerie and mundane, making it very unnerving. Definitely invokes a Twin Peaks or X-Files type of vibe – loved it! His use of character mannerisms and gestures helps bring Tim’s characters to life. The seventh page is a wonderful example of this and a great case study for other aspiring artists.

Effigy is a fresh, colorful neo-noir. Vertigo looks to have to another solid title in its stable. I highly recommend picking up this book and adding it to the pull-list.