By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz

“I want to go out on my own one night now that I’ve got–” – Robin

Not happening. Haven’t you heard? We’re the Dynamic Duo.” – Batman

The newest issue of Batman and Robin delivers in every way you’ve been hoping for. Batman is back to being an overprotective father as Damien’s newfound abilities have him wanting to explore Gotham in a new way. But with great power comes…oh wait, that’s a different comic.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi lays down the humor and action this issue as we get to see the dynamic between father and son once again in play. This time however Damien has a few adjustments to get used to, and Batman notices he could use some control when out on their nightly watch. Having Robin dealing with superpowers has put him in a precarious role as he lives the life of Batman, but now has abilities similar to Superman. Though as this issue sets out to prove, Robin doesn’t always have the same agenda as Batman, and his rough attitude holds a caring nature still inside.

The artists on this series bring on the greatness once again as penciller Patrick Gleason along with inker Mick Gray and colorist John Kalisz create some fantastic artwork. A page similar to the confident Robin seen on the cover has the young Wayne walking up to a Gotham bank robber trying to empty his clip on him, but the bullets might as well be hitting the Man of Steel himself as they all bounce right off – adding to the scene is Robin’s comment of “I got this.” Gleason uses great detail in this scene and showcases the impact of each bullet, along with Robin’s cocky smirk as he sticks his hand out and the bullets rip through his glove only to bounce off his finger tips. Gray and Kalisz shroud Batman in darkness as he looks on from the background with a Batarang in hand – showing a difference between the two, Robin no longer needing the gadgets of his father to protect him.

The wait is finally over – and it was well worth it too! Issue #38 of Batman and Robin reminds us why Damien is one of the best Robins, if not the best Robin to ever patrol the streets of Gotham with the Dark Knight himself. But even as Robin is raring to go and drive fear into the scum of Gotham his father makes sure to remind him that he’s the one “dressed to scare the bad guys”.


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