By Kel Symons, Nate Stockman, Paul Little

“You just stood there and let me fight them all by myself!”

“Seems like you handled yourself just fine. Besides, they have ale here. I like ale.”

An ancient order of great warriors makes a return in Reyn #1 as Reyn travels The Land of Fate in search of fine ales, oh, and damsels in distress.

Writer Kel Symons does well to pack the first issue of Reyn with enough background of the myths and legends surrounding the Wardens (of which Reyn is) as he also throws in some fun fight scenes and humor. We’re also introduced to a villain as it’s already made known the return of a Warden is not a good sign for everyone (especially if you’re a giant spider!).

Artist Nate Stockman is accompanied by colorist Paul Little as they construct the world surrounding Symon’s story. A great scene comes from the beginning where we’re instantly shown some action as a large spider attacks a small farm. Starting with a fight scene is always a plus, especially if you’re dealing with some great artists – which this story certainly is. Within this scene we get to see Reyn going all out before we even meet the guy. A great page features the confrontation with the spider broken up into seven panels, each one showcasing the quick and nimble skills of Reyn as he slashes and dodges the monster of a spider – his red cape floating about as if he’s a superhero. A lot of the color and detail work in this scene comes out in the final two panels where Reyn finishes the job and plunges his sword into the spider’s head.

This issue kicks off the story of Reyn to a great start. We’re given insight into a big world as we’re introduced to some major characters and even given some laughs. Oh, and that guy is totally going to regret messing with Reyn’s ale.


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