By Josh S. Heneman, Andy Taylor, Tamra Bonvillain

“Savage, brutal, ape-like and mute. Lover of women, destroyer of men.”

This is a book about me? Oh, wait no, it’s about Bigfoot. The similarities are pretty uncanny though.

It looks like Bigfoot isn’t having the best of times on Mars either, I mean, maybe he had it pretty good on Earth… but from every photo I’ve seen he’s always looked so angry/blurry. Also, did you know how populated Mars is with mythical creatures? It’s like ancient Egypt mixed with Lord of The Rings up there.

Josh S. Heneman is the writer on this new take on Bigfoot. In issue #1 of Bigfoot: Sword of The Earthman, we get to see how the big guy was being treated up on that red dusty planet (not very well), as well as get a few glimpses at his immeasurable strength. Heneman places us right into the middle of things on Mars, a brief summary at the beginning explaining how Bigfoot was taken from Earth, and keeps the action pretty consistent throughout the issue. In the story, Bigfoot (who never speaks) finds a friend in a fellow captive to this Martian army, and together they’re able to face everything thrown at them. Heneman does a great job creating the crafty sidekick to the heroic brute (as all heroic brutes must have a crafty/weak sidekick).

The artwork is done by Andy Taylor and Tamra Bonvillain, with a lot of the panels being covered in a red hue, or just straight up depicting the characters in the red sands of the desert – it is known as the “Red Planet” after all. A great scene that kicks off the story shows us how ancient Egypt-like this depiction of Mars really is, even down to the pyramids seen in the background. Taylor depicts a couple of the martian soldiers talking to one another while floating in the air on mechanical discs, a bit behind them we see a giant structure being built as dozens of out of focus characters (much like how we see Bigfoot on Earth) are working hard to complete it. Bonvillain covers most of this page in red, orange, and yellow, which shows us right from the start how Mars is just this endless desert region.

Issue #1 of Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman gives a lot of story in a little bit of time. Heneman shows us how Bigfoot was being used as a captive in order to help construct giant structures for a corrupt ruler, and then shows us his way out…and into another problem (big guy can’t catch a break no matter what planet he’s on). Taylor gets wildly creative in depicting the various different types of species that inhabit the red planet, while Bonvillain keeps the story grounded in the unforgiving dust of the desert.


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