By Scott Synder, James Tynion IV, Genevieve Valentine, Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Sandra Molina

“We can talk about it if you want to talk about it. Punching Dick Grayson is kind my dream date, so if you want to talk I’m here.”

What a thoughtful gesture from Red Hood to Red Robin. It’s almost like they’re brothers, or just two guys who look exactly like Dick Grayson who happens to look exactly like Bruce Wayne…and I thought Spider-Man was the one with all the clones.

Genevieve Valentine takes over on scripting duty this week for the story written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. In this issue of Batman and Robin Eternal we’re once again given a spy thriller type issue, without the emphasis on the violence we’ve seen in some issues prior (the punch mentioned by Red Hood in the quote was pretty great). This time around, however, everyone is looking to get to the bottom of the Mother mystery, and being awfully proactive in their approaches. The past once again aligns with the present as Valentine places Harper and Cass at a ballet… where things get a little out of hand (one of the reasons I never go to the ballet… and because paying that much money just to take a nap seems like a waste).

On the artwork side of this issue is Alvaro Martinez on pencils, Raul Fernandez on inks, and Sandra Molina on colors. Martinez is consistent throughout, giving a great look at the city behind Grayson in one panel and the bar Jason Todd and Time Drake find themselves in on another panel. His most detailed work however comes when Harper and Cass attend the ballet. A two-page spread showcases the play going on as Martinez places small scenes scattered about, with Molina coloring each of those mini scenes a blueish-purple haze. The detail work in this scene is quite impressive as everyone flows neatly together, the entire spread not even consisting of any panel boxes. This scene also shows just how different Harper is from Cass – as Cass is mesmerized by the spectacle of the ballet and Harper is looking on as if it’s some sort of joke.

This issue of Batman and Robin Eternal places some of the characters into pairs as Dick Grayson is once again the lone ranger, and the one most resembling the mannerisms of the Batman himself. Valentine pumps a few scenes of humor into the largely suspenseful issue as the mystery behind Mother gets even bigger. Martinez creates a lot of great scenes, but steals the show with his take on the ballet. This issue of Batman and Robin Eternal needs an encore! Do people say that for ballets?


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