By Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, Val Staples

“Here’s the oldest one in my cartoon book. I get tired of the same old ‘hammer gag’.”

Who could ever get tired of the hammer gag? I mean, I’ll be honest I’m not really sure what it is, but if it’s anything like what’s shown in this issue of Deadpool, it’s pretty hilarious/dangerous. He even does the Three Stooges eye-poke at one point, but that too… also turns dangerous pretty quick.

Writer Gerry Duggan crafts the next issue of Deadpool as more mystery and intrigue surrounds the merc’s new Heroes For Hire team. The biggest mystery involving the mystery of if Deadpool is really actually Deadpool…or could he be…dare I say…Deadpool? Nooo, that’d be ridiculous and totally confusing…or would it? Duggan keeps this issue once again full of laughs as well as the brand of violence and slapstick we’ve come to know and love (no matter who is actually under the mask). Going along with last issue we have the team of “New” Deadpools assembled and fighting the good fight (in hopes of gaining some money/fame) in order to fund the Avengers. The new mercs under the masks are Solo, Slapstick, Terror, Foolkiller, Stingray, and Madcap (as so generously listed out on the title page of this issue). Duggan does a great job of giving each character their moment to shine, both during dialogue as well as action.

On the artwork side of this issue there’s penciller Mike Hawthorne, inker Terry Pallot, and colorist Val Staples. There’s quite a few creative scenes in this issue, some of the best showcase the many Deadpools facing a group of foes as we see each one facing off in their own unique styles – which is done well by Hawthorne. Our first introduction to the team this issue even showcases one of the Deadpools using a tricycle as a weapon…as another one uses a hat. One of the best scenes this issue however comes from another one of their full-page team-ups as each Deadpool is dealing with something else in an apartment building (a couple Deadpools on each floor). As the mercs fight Stingray (the Deadpool with wiiiiiings) soars down the center of the page passing all the different floors while holding a screaming “bad guy”. Staples does a great job with the colors on this scene, with each merc obviously standing out in the trademark red jumpsuit, but also with the lighting shown on each floor on the building as Stingray makes his decent.

Issue #2 of Deadpool gives us a “reveal” to some of the speculation brought up last issue in the identity of the “real” Deadpool. Duggan is doing a great job so far in creating a story filled with mystery, humor, and action, as Hawthorne is creating solid artwork to accompany it. Now will the real Deadpool please stand up?


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