By Andrez Bergen

“I’d exhausted my one-power restriction on the ability to shrink down the size of a pea – I wasn’t able to pull a Hank Pym and control insects.”

Bullet Gal #10 gives a look at the day in the life of a hero similar to Ant-Man in appearance, but unfortunately for him he doesn’t have the ability to talks to insects, so his travels around the city take a bit longer when shrunken down. Having exhausted his power however, this hero is stuck being small, which gives a fun ride to this noir-based story.

Noir with superheroes is the theme writer and artist Andrez Bergen has been tackling in this series and this issue hits it right on the nose. A hero with powers similar to what we’ve seen with The Atom and Ant-Man is put into a situation most heroes don’t often find themselves in: realistic peril! Well…realistic in the sense that if you could shrink down to the size of an ant in the real world…this situation might happen to you.

On the artwork side of this issue Bergen uses pictures and words to create imaginative pages. Each page is black and white, but Bergen often plays around with the images, even placing words as if rotating on a vinyl record. A great scene comes from the confrontation with an ant at the beginning of the issue. Have you ever fought an ant? You probably lost right? You didn’t? Oh…me neither…but anyway, this hero is just like you! Bergen uses real images and places them through filters and combines them alongside his hero to create the fight scene between man and ant — and what a scene it is! Is he going to make it?

This issue brings another hero’s story into the fold as the noir world of Bullet Gal reaches ever closer to the end.


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