By Rob Liefeld, Matt Horak

“Amalekite, Amorites, Hittites. All felled under the power of the Ark.” 

What’s that? Spartacus is over and you’ve already binge watched it all on Netflix? Well have no fear! Because The Covenant #1 might just help with that terrible void in your heart.  Writer Rob Liefeld presents a story loaded with characters as an impending war over the Ark (yeah, the one from that movie with that guy that’s afraid of snakes!) approaches. Liefeld uses this issue to introduce you to the bountiful amount of characters, but he also does a good job of jumping back and delivering some history, such as what the Ark is and what type of powers it possesses (some crazy powers, so it’s understandable why everyone wants it so bad).

The artist on this issue is Matt Horak. He approaches the characters with bold lines without any fine details, often times leaving the backgrounds rather bare. He does however, showcase action quite well, and this issue contains a hefty amount of action. A great scene showcasing the power of the Ark shows off well what Horak can do. Two priests hold the Ark up to the heavens as they stand atop a hill beside the fighting, once they lift it up lightning strikes down into it and is blasted into all of those around them (told you it had some crazy powers). Horak depicts some of the soldiers rushing up the hill to stop it, but it’s clear the effort is futile.

An ample supply of characters and story make for a loaded first issue for Rob Liefeld’s The Covenant #1. Preparations are being made for an all out war to erupt, one that will surely help with your Spartacus void (you ever thought of trying Hulu?)


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