by Rick Remender, Wes Craig & Lee Loughrdige

Image Comics has been putting out a massive amount of titles that fill a wide range of genres and stories. Because of this, readers have a plethora of comics to pick from. Literally something for everyone. However, one of the drawbacks is that with so many titles on the shelves, some get lost in the ether. Yet, Deadly Class has consistently been on top of many readers’ lists. This week’s release of issue eleven is a perfect example of why.

Seems like all of the drama that has built up over the length of Deadly Class is all coming to a head at once. Marcus’ relationship with both Maria and Saya, Maria’s dead ex, and those filthy hillbillies all converge in this issue. It’s no secret that Deadly Class has been an especially personal story for Rick Remender to write. This is why it probably stands out as some of his best work (which is saying a lot). Even though these teens are students at a school for assassins, the real story has been with their relationships and Marcus adjusting to having friends. Teenage friendships are hard enough to handle, that throwing the trained killer aspect into the story has been a nice touch of intensity that makes Deadly Class so appealing.

What Wes Craig has done with this series is nothing short of spectacular.  Deadly Class being a period piece, Craig is able to capture the grit of late 80’s New York. His inks are light and delicate, which inflect a dirty style into Deadly Class. Craig’s panel structure has been his most standout work in Deadly Class. Craig’s pages mostly flow from top to bottom rather than the usual left to right style. Lee Loughridge has used a light hand with his colors in Deadly Class. Loughhridge uses muted tones and soft colors to enhance Craig’s art and gives Deadly Class its dismal tone.

Each issue of Deadly Class has been an incredible stand-alone read  while still continuing the series’ overarching plot. This creative team has really come up with something special when it comes to Deadly Class. This series has been an intense and violent ride while still being a touching coming of age story. This issue was a great reminder as to why readers enjoy this series so much.


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