By Tyson Hesse

“Keep your head out of the clouds, Dee.”

“Keep your head out of a butt, Phil.”

Yeah, Phil, keep your head out of a butt.

Diesel #1 is explosive! This is meant in both the sense that it’s loaded with great story and artwork as well as actual explosions. Like…a lot of explosions.

Writer and artist Tyson Hesse creates a fun and mischievous character with Dee Diesel. She’s the daughter of the previous owner of the ship Peacetowne, which is a mobile community flying high in the sky, and soon to be new owner upon her eighteenth birthday (which happens to be tomorrow!). Dee seems to think she’s a perfect candidate to captain the ship upon her birthday, but other members of the crew think it best she stay away from the wheel…

Dee’s friend, a robot named Rickets, gives the reader a chance to see what Dee’s thinking about as she often talks openly to the robot. Rickets talks back, but his dialogue consists only of “IIIIII” which it appears only Dee is capable of understanding. A scene that comes up between the two gives us a look into a special ability of Dee that adds a bit of the “chosen one” aspect to her character.

“I don’t know why I build up so much static electricity either, Bud. Hey, maybe it’s cause I ride around on you all the time! Maybe you’re slowly poisoning me with radiation!”

Hesse gives Dee this ability and we see in this issue it’s more than just a simple parlor trick – Dee is pretty awesome!

The artwork on this issue, also by Tyson Hesse, is outstanding. Hesse approaches each panel with great amounts of detail, the artwork resembling classic anime movies in a sense, as we see Dee wander about the ship trying to annoy as many people as she possibly can. Hesse’s take on the art gives the look of watercolors as we  see pale colors blending seamlessly with one another. The look of Rickets the robot appears to be rustic and gives the sense that he’s quite old, or made from spare parts – possibly by Dee? (she’s an inventor of things that often explode).

A scene focusing on an explosion not caused by Dee has her and Rickets on the outsides of the ship staring up into the sky. Something doesn’t look quite right to Dee about the lighting though…is it supposed to explode like that? Hesse creates a vibrant scene as he fills the page with the bright lighting against the orange flair of the explosion it’s creating. Seems their ship may have taken a wrong turn…maybe Dee should be the new captain?

Diesel #1 introduces a comedic character with Dee and a great ensemble of other character’s for her to play around with. Hesse does well in creating an action packed opening to his story as well as giving an ending that peaks your curiosity – Next issue please!

Tyson Hesse: Diesel #1
Tyson Hesse: Diesel #1

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