By Steve Stern, Matt Yuan, John Yuan

“Maybe you don’t want to tell the O’Huang twins…but how about the Washington twins?”

“Two bucks?! Are you serious?”

“Dead serious.”

This guy isn’t kidding around when it comes to bribes. That’s almost enough money to buy a loaf of gluten-free bread! (He’d need about three more Washington’s…)

Serving Supes is a story about two brothers with a dream. A dream unlike any other. A dream so big they just might not be able to achieve it. They want to be the ones handing court summons to the big named superheroes…and they’re the only guys for the job (at least that’s what they want you to think)!

Writers Steve Stern and Matt Yuan concoct a story that’s filled with great humor and an interesting concept. The humor resembles most closely with that of Man Vs. Rock (if you’ve been reading that then head over to this comic!) in that there’s a constant flow of story while it showcases some funny scenes thrown in. In the case of this book each new character that is introduced, main characters at least, get a few panels to speak to the reader and give some insight as to who they are. One of the examples of this is the character Tammy (just Tammy) who tells us she’s crazy smart and from another planet (her IQ is 43,002) who has no choice but to work with the brothers because she has student loans.

The artist on this issue is John Yuan. The artwork often features the character’s being quite animated with their actions. One panel in particular shows one of the brother’s blowing up as you might see in a Saturday morning cartoon from the 90’s when everything was awesome. In this panel the top of his head is blown off with bright yellow sparks shooting out (a comical “Don’t Be A Hero” poster in the background) as he tries to convince his brother that no one else would possibly hire the people they have working for them. This scene is followed with a look at each of the three people working for them as we hear what he has to say about each of them.

Serving Supes has a fresh concept with plenty of laughs, a great cast of characters that work well together from beginning to end, and a guy that can shoot slime out of his armpits. Could see this as something they’d show on Adult Swim (Get working on that pitch!).


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