By Stuart Moore, Gus Storms and John Rauch

EGOs is back and let’s just get this out of the way, with all due respect, it’s about freaking time. The last issue of EGOs dropped in APRIL 2014 and yes, for those playing at home, that’s damn close to a year without a new issue. It’s hard not to believe that this will, and has, hurt this series’ readership especially in today’s comic world where customers simply have to turn their heads slightly to the left and something shiny catches their eye and they forget all about a book like EGOs that seemingly ended and went away forever. Hopefully people come back to this great series, and pick up the trade, otherwise it really will be going away forever. And that would suck.

With every issue of EGOs, it’s like we’re witnessing the evolution of Gus Storms. If you go back and compare to issue one, or even two, while still interesting and really good art, issue five feels like it’s tighter. Within the span of a year, or so, Storms has taken his art to another level. Maybe you can contribute some of that to colorist John Rauch who joined the team around issue four and took over the coloring duties from Storms, freeing up some deadline time for Storms to focus more on his pencils and inks while leaving the colors up to the more than capable Rauch. Together, they’ve produce the best, visually, issue of EGOs yet and even though, to some, it might feel like we’ve lost the looser, call it “sketchier”—in the pencil sketch sense, not the other definition—look of EGOs we’ve now gotten arguably a higher quality of art without losing the look of the characters and Storms’ overall style and feel.

Now for you, Stuart Moore, don’t think you were getting off that easy! No, seriously, welcome back. Having EGOs back after such a long absence is great, even if it feels like there was no build up to the return (maybe not really paying attention to solicits doesn’t help). Moore slips right back into this fantastically crazy world he and Storms began creating many months ago. If you’ve remember the first four issues, or have gone back and read them in their trade-form recently, it frankly feels like Moore hasn’t missed a beat. It’s like a quick month break while they release a trade, as has become almost the norm with Image books. We get a great introduction to some new characters, a re-introduction to the original cast for those that might not know what’s been going on, and we get a very interesting problem for this insane team to try and solve. What more could you ask for?

Really and truly, welcome back EGOs. If you’re behind, buy and read the trade, but you can start on this issue if you have to wait for the trade to come in from Amazon or your local shop or wherever. Moore makes this issue extremely accessible to anybody, while also making it a very enjoyable read to long time fans, Gus Storms and John Rauch make this visually appealing to anybody—or damn near anybody—and it’s got the Image logo on the cover. For a second time let’s pose this question: what more could you ask for?

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