Okay, let’s get this out of the way first, Fast Enough wasn’t a perfect finale. It still had a few problems that plagued the rest of the season and there was a paradox plot where if Eddie did kill himself to stop Harrison Wells, wouldn’t that just erase the Reverse Flash from ever being born in the first place and prevent him from going back in time to kill Barry’s mother anyway? However, that didn’t stop the season finale from being so damn entertaining and one of the best episodes of the season so far, ending the show on a really high note that means the wait for Season 2 is going to be a very long one indeed.

Harrison Wells risks everything in an attempt to get back home.
Harrison Wells risks everything in an attempt to get back home.

There was a lot of awesome stuff happening in this season finale and the best part was that it managed to remain unpredictable throughout. Even though Eddie’s death was heavily foreshadowed with the information about him being the only one with an element of choice, (an excellent speech, by the way, which was something that The Flash was so good with this week), I didn’t see his suicide coming which was a pretty dark way to end it on, and gave Eddie a great way for his character to go out: stopping Thawne, and not just stopping him, but erasing him from existence. However, given that the Reverse Flash is Barry’s arch nemesis, he’ll most certainly be back at some point. I don’t really care how he comes back though as long as we get to see more of Tom Cavanagh, because he’s just been amazing this season as Harrison Wells. The biggest mystery character of the show got some great moments here with pretty much everything coming out of his mouth being a contender for best line of the episode. I loved his exchanges between Cisco and Barry, and hopefully there’ll be so much more to come in the future seasons.

Speaking of future seasons, we got lots of cool references to where the characters might end up further down the line. Dropping Cisco’s visions of an alternate timeline in there as a way to hint of him becoming Vibe was awesome, and I can’t wait to see when he does become the character, especially given the exchanges between him and Wells that took place for most of this episode. Also, Caitlin is confirmed to be Killer Frost in the future as well which will be interesting, but I’m hoping that she’ll remain part of the good guys because even though she didn’t have such a great moment this week, I’ve really enjoyed the team of Wells, Cisco, Barry and Caitlin working together over the course of this season. It’s been excellent. However, did Caitlin really have to be the one to ask what a Singularity was and not one of the other characters who weren’t scientists? It seems like something that she would have been familiar with. That said, I did like her and Ronnie’s rushed wedding outside of STAR Labs, giving them a moment of happiness before one of apparent doom.

The cliffhanger for this season was pretty awesome, with Barry running into a black hole forming above STAR Labs. We’re yet to see what this will lead to, but the build up was pretty effective even if this wasn’t the most fast-paced episode of the show ever; with it being so fun it didn’t matter as well as providing some great character moments from pretty much everyone. Joe, Barry’s father, Iris (this was the first time that Iris and Barry felt like they were actual real friends), Cisco, Wells, Barry, everyone got their share of the spotlight and we even got a cameo from Captain Cold, which was awesome (see, I told you he shows up in good episodes). This episode had everything that a finale should have from a show and it pulled everything off incredibly well.

It’s going to be a long hard wait for season 2, that’s for sure, especially with stuff like the Multiverse confirmed to come, which is going to be very awesome indeed. I can’t wait.

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